Still haven't had the time to do what I want with my layout here.  I tried to fix the colors so it's a little easier on the eyes, but honestly I think my laptop screen messes me up in that regard.  I've been quite busy lately and a whole lotta stressed.  This last week has been terrible.  I'm glad it's over and I can try to start anew.

So!  I've been trying to do fun things (read: wasting time on the internet) with the little free time I've had so I can keep my mind occupied.  I discovered a couple of cool things lately I thought I'd throw on here since I don't have a whole lot to talk about (but still feel the need to blather on anyway):

Through a coworker I discovered an independent artist, alias "Kill Taupe", who had a showing of his art in Ferndale, MI not too far from where I live.  The showing was yesterday, which I couldn't make because I had to report in for muster duty for the Air Force yesterday.  Stupid military, always screwing up my life. ;P  But even if I didn't have to go, no one told me about this until after the fact when I saw pictures of the showing on my coworker's Facebook page.  To be honest, I think most of my friends/acquaintances and coworkers don't even know I'm into art; so my coworker wouldn't have thought to tell me because I doubt she thought I'd be interested in such a thing.  Oh well, that's what I get for being so reserved and shy.  ANYWAY!  I hope I can eventually meet this artist because his art is very charming ...in an irreverent and extremely hilarious way.  He had cute, killer cupcake cookies (say that ten times fast) at the showing, made by the Pinwheel Bakery using his designs, and they are way too awesome for words.  So here's a pic of them!:

These cupcake characters belong to a work of sorts of his called Vicious Delicious.  I'm still checking it out and don't know all the details, but it seems to be about killer, cannibal cupcakes with a plot to take over the world and a slurpee-drinking bear, the protagonist, has plans to stop them.  It looks way better than I'm (poorly) describing it.  Check out his blog and Flickr page, he's pretty cool!

I've been needing a new watch for a long time now.  I dropped my old one and it got stepped on leaving the glass covering it's face broken and quite dangerous to actually wear.  So I've been looking around for a new one.  I decided to dream big and went on Etsy to look for unique and artistic ones and came across some from a talented artist called Aranwen.  She has some really beautiful stuff, but it's SO expensive.  I'll never spend more than $30 on a watch, I always end up beating them to pieces unintentionally.  Hence the fate of my last watch.  But Aranwen's elaborate designs were fun to look at anyway.  Check out her shop!  I thought her designs looked familiar somehow and then I remembered I've seen her work on DeviantART too!  This one was my favorite, but I don't even know if there's anything I have in my tomboyish wardrobe that I could ever dare to wear it with.  I love anything with wings; silly obsession.

Another discovery I couldn't resist sharing was this awesome place online called Knock Knock by Who's There Inc.  Haha!  They have organizational stuff and office products that are the funniest things I've seen in a long while.  My favorites are the eco-friendly bag that has "My Recycling Pile is Larger Than Yours" written on it; the Eco Citation note pad; the Things You Must Do To Make Me Happy checklist pad; the Shit List with areas to write down the offender, their violation, and the plan of attack against them; and the Go To Hell sticky note pad that you just have to go look at to fully appreciate. :D

And that's it!  That's all for my blathering.  I feel better now having satisfied my need to bore to death any poor soul who attempts to read all of this. :P  Thank you very much. :D

~ Dani



Hey! I decided to join everyone here on Blogger! I jumped on the Flickr, Facebook and Twitter bandwagons, why not jump on this one too! Ha!

I'm curious how much I figure out as far as customizing the layout. I really suck at html. I was pretty impressed by Reed and Andrew's layouts. I know I'm no where as proficient with colors as they are, so I'll have to see what I can come up with.

~ Dani