Hey! I decided to join everyone here on Blogger! I jumped on the Flickr, Facebook and Twitter bandwagons, why not jump on this one too! Ha!

I'm curious how much I figure out as far as customizing the layout. I really suck at html. I was pretty impressed by Reed and Andrew's layouts. I know I'm no where as proficient with colors as they are, so I'll have to see what I can come up with.

~ Dani


  1. Hey, you've done great with your blog layout so far! It's looking nice (though the white text is difficult to read against the light background - would you call it periwinkle?).

  2. I agree with the white text, I'm going to change it. See; with my laptop I can angle the screen and see it just fine, but I realize most people aren't sitting on their bed hunched over their oddly positioned laptops like I always am. Hehe! XD

    Thanks for following me! You're the first! *hands you a prize!*

  3. Hey hey, welcome to blogger 8D
    Its Twilightmoon from Deviantart in case you didn't already know XD

  4. Thank you, it's so nice to be welcomed! :D I'm extremely new at all this Blogger stuff, I think I added you (Celestial Etchings), but I hardly know what I'm doing. X_X That was the blog of yours I found on Andrew's art blog. Thanks for following me, by the way, you're too awesome!! :D